MCD Green Kick Shield Kick Pad & Golden

MCD Green Kick Shield Kick Pad & Golden


  • Unique foam configuration.
  • High quality synthetic leather.
  • Provides unparalleled protection.
  • Triple stitching for unwavering durability.
  • Foam cushion disperses impact effectively.
  • Side handles allow excellent maneuverability.
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Kick Shield :

-MCD represents an excellent Kick Shield for your straight line attacks such as knee strikes, elbows and a variety of punches. 

-This Thai pad is Engineered with dominant material. It is exceedingly light-weight with solid inner padding which makes it less distasteful for the pad holder. The built quality is aesthetically amusing and combat breach, cracks and tear for a significant interval of time. They are perfect for Boxing, Kickboxing, Karate, BJJ and more.

-This MMA kick shield pad is accurately covered with a solid and opaque foam padding for maximum force consumption. Assisted foam padding can weather the punishment of ordinary use. It allows your trainee to kick out some heavy bumps with full confidence.

MCD enhanced Quick-EZ hook and loop offers a comfortable assure fit. The long strap on the pad is constrained to remain impoverished while your trainer smashes it with every collision in the book. 

 The kicking pad is affected with strong reinforced stitching along the seams that assure it lasts the test of times. It further boosts strength and persistence while enduring shock and the toughest of brunt without getting broken aside.

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Weight4 kg



Golden, Green

1 review for MCD Green Kick Shield Kick Pad & Golden

  1. 5 out of 5

    This is a really nice strike shield for the price, and I’d buy it again.

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