MCD Leather Skipping Rope

MCD Leather Skipping Rope


  • Superior Quality Material- Our skip rope is made from 100% cowhide leather to boast durable performance. The genuine leather built holds up well to ordinary use. The lightweight material is flexible and does not crimp and absorb its shape. It measures 9ft in size.
  • Wooden Grip Handles- This skipping rope is engineered with Woody grip handles, the handles are on the adjustable side which makes it no-slip and provides you with the most original perfect hand feeling. It measures 6” in size.
  • Functional usage- This adjustable jump rope will help you to build stamina and speed while improving your muscle. It is quintessential for speed jumping, swings, burning fats and to enhance the stamina, improve health, and make you fit. It is a classic favorite amongst boxers and boxing for men, MMA, and cross-training enthusiasts.
  • High quality of ball bearings- Unified with high-quality bearings of Jump rope assure evenness of rotation and momentum. The persistent spin on the rope makes it beneficial for jumpers of all levels.
  • Adjustable weights – – Removable weights unified in both handles of the weighted jump rope help to boost the training concentration. The skipping rope features removable weights that consent you to customize your workout even more. You can adjust the weight of your handles according to your affinity.

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  • MCD Sports brings you to speed skipping high-quality jump rope with easy grip wooden handles for MMA training, bodybuilding, boxing, cardio exercises, and gym workout personal training equipment. All these come with a carrying pouch. Perfect for speed skipping (jumping) and a countless calorie burner. 6’’ feet long leather robe. However, the features do not stop there. Provides an ideal solution for improving cardiovascular strength and overall dexterity. Used by professional boxers and trainers. Whether you visit on the basketball courts or in the football pitch, it can help you keep your skills to perfection. Excellent quality material used to make it very quick. Superb grip for better movement. Ensures a smooth and effortless spin. This training can help to lose weight and is effective, easy, low cost and simple to use.


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