MCD EXTREME Boxing Gloves Pink

MCD Sports extreme boxing gloves pink 1

MCD EXTREME Boxing Gloves Pink


• MCD Extreme Glint Pink Ladies Boxing Gloves comes with Glint Pearl white palm, Black Mat Leather thumb, Glint Pink body, with special wool MCD label stitched on it.
• Engineered with Shock diffusion mold.
• Single wide smock hook-and-loop wrist lockout.
• MCD radical product, wrinkle-free, acknowledges that it breaks down and distributes jolts across the glove surface
• Warranty: MCD Sports is known for creating top-quality products that guarantee customer satisfaction. If there is any problem or you don’t like the product, you can contact the seller for a solution, return, Refund and replacement.


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Made up of superior shining leather Black Thumb, Pink, Pearl White Palm Boxing Gloves along with the finest glove construction provides long-lasting durability and functionality. MCD Pink Ladies Extreme Boxing Gloves are engineered to protect the fighter’s hand during a fight, competitions, Sparring, Muay Thai training, and these boxing gloves are a perfect match as kickboxing gloves for all athletes. Correct positioning of your clenched fist and knuckle makes the gloves feel more complacent and helps to avoid any fracture. These MCD Pink Ladies Extreme Boxing Bag Gloves have a Velcro wrist strap that assures enough of wrist protection to curtail the defy of injury.
Superior Material – Padding is the ideal balance for durability and softness. The multi-density foam allows for unparalleled bump intake, according to the best protection for both you and your partner. High-quality ersatz leather construction for great long-lasting and performance, also obvious to hygienic and preserve. Construct for Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and Sparring Training.

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